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Before you can register for CCSL you MUST first be registered with the MDCVSA (the state association). State registration is on an annual basis so if you registered in the spring you do not need to pay the state again; you just log in to the MDCVSA site and click through to CCSL registration then pay CCSL’s registration fee.

If you did not register in the spring 2018 you will pay twice: first to MDCVSA and then to CCSL.

Step 1: Register with MDCVSA using the link below.

Step 2: After registering with MDCVSA you will be given a link to CCSL registration; complete CCSL Registration. Please note there are NO REFUNDS.

Please note this is only for players who are already invited to a team. If you are not on a team you can send your availability Erin Friel:

Fall 2018 Registration